Decision Making opt for the Best

Akshit goes to school nearby home. He is a walker to school as he enjoys walking with friends. This activity helps him to know many things as compare to school bus ride. He has learnt traffic rules like crossing the road through zebra crossing, how does traffic signal work and many more. His mother was against his being walker as she felt its not safe for him to go to school on his own. He is too young and should go by school bus only. His father took the initiative and gave his opinion on this point –

Children are like mirror and parents can see there reflections in them. They get affected by the family or whatever they see around in the society. In India we do not let them take decisions or choose whatever they want, whereas in west people think other-wise.

An experiment done in USA on children aged eight to fifteen is worth mentioning here. A famous school opened one fast food centre and a health food centre and it was free for the children. Findings were amazing: Day one all children went to fast food centre, same trend was repeated next two days but on day four one student went to health food centre and after that numbers started increasing on health-food centre and after two weeks 75 children started going to health food centre. It clearly shows that given the opportunity children also can take the right decisions. So we should encourage them to choose or decide at young age. It helps them in life as many people face difficulty even during professional life as they are not able to take decisions.

Following example is also notable.

One day weather was Cloudy and it was about to rain as well whereas in the morning it was clear sky. Akshit’s mother took out the car as she knew that her son has not taken raincoat or umbrella to school and its about to rain. Due to traffic jam by the time she reached school it was raining and all the children had left for home. She started back and on the way she found that her son was simply enjoying the rain and as it was lighting he was looking up and smiling. She was scared of lightning and his getting cold. She stopped the car near him and asked him to get in quickly against his will. She asked him how was he feeling about rain and lightning, was he scared. He smiled and replied, Mom I was enjoying it very much as I won first prize in drawing competition today. God was taking my pictures that is why I was looking up and smiling during lightning. While looking out from window he asked his mother whether she can give lift to his friend who was also walker like him but scared of lightning and standing near tree! He called him and his friend came in and he was feeling secured. Akshit asked him why he was hiding and not enjoying the rain. His friend replied, dear I am sorry today. I have stolen your golden pen and God wanted to take my picture that is why I was hiding.

Mom felt very good and realized if parents can give good values and culture to their children they will become responsible citizen and good human being.

Note : A clay pot having milk will be ranked higher than a golden pot having poison. Not our outer glamour but our inner virtues make us valuable.


Anil Sethi

Counselor & Motivator

He smiled and replied, Mom I was enjoying it very ,much as I won first prize in drawing competition today. ,God was taking my pictures that is why I was looking ,up and smiling during lightning.